Research Redefined

Redefining Research

We’re taking quant somewhere new. We’ve ditched the mind-numbing elements of trad surveys and replaced them with a huge array of fresh and varied questions. Some capture the instinctive and the emotional, others get people thinking hard.

Engagement is our super-power. People tell us more and give us more time so we can provide our clients with richer insight.

What we do

Brand Tracking

Tuned up Tracking Studies

Tracking studies get paunchy: “big, but a little out of shape.” We help clients cut the expensive flab, extract more from every respondent and deliver more value.

Our three-step survey development model ensures a tracker is fit for purpose, maximising return per respondent. Sensitive indicators – from Emotional Footprint to Brand Momentum – provide more sensitive measures of brand travel. And our diagnostic 'qual-infused' approach – combining ‘System 2’ and ‘System 1’ responses – means we go beyond the ‘what’ to ‘why’.

Qualitative Research

Beyond Focus Groups

We love qualitative research, but it has lost its edge – focus groups have become formulaic. It's time for a little revolutionary thinking.

We engage people in the round: tapping into the social, cultural and the commercial, taking you into real lives. We flow – from home to street to workplace to digital.

Everywhere we push, provoke and seduce – it’s worth it.

Brand Purpose

Where are you on the map?

In a multi-touchpoint world, brands are less about their USP and more about their purpose and persona.

We can reveal how consumers view your brand and the needs they see it addressing. Uniquely, we can map your brand persona against any competitor.

This clarity has aided major brands – Vodafone and MTV among them – ‘to truly see ourselves as our customers see us’ and move on.

Sensitive Surveys

Why sensitivity is vital

Most of what we think about brands is so trivial, so barely thought through, we will happily change our mind in a second” – so says Byron Sharp, one of marketing’s sharpest minds.

Brand health is built on these ‘trivial’, ‘barely thought through’ feelings. Being vital, your research must read them. We pioneer ways to capture 'fleeting' thoughts - via 'Effortful Likes', 'Bubbling' questions and more.

Advertising Development

Emotion and Momentum

Most ads seek to connect with viewers on an emotional level in some way. Traditional ad testing captures this ineffectively, or not at all. Harnessing our tech skills and using the latest learnings from neuroscience we deliver nuanced and actionable insight into emotional power.

We also explore how advertising 'affect' translates into brand effects providing clear guidance on the brand momentum it delivers.

Employee Research

Home Truths

One of the hardest things to get right is an employee engagement survey – certainly one that goes beyond a box-ticking exercise.

For real insight, you need to break down the barriers that get in the way of full and frank feedback. Our starting point is always to focus on creating surveys that engage, inspire and – using our proprietary software – listen.

If you need actionable insights, talk to us. Our bespoke surveys will provide you with a rich diagnosis of how people are feeling and why. Our unique questions will put your company on the couch and reveal the personality within.

Product and pack development

Emotion and Momentum

Product development is a serious investment. We help our clients to significantly reduce the risk and maximise the potential rewards.

We design bespoke questionnaires that address the unique needs of your product, all built around established frameworks. Be it NPD, pricing or pack testing, we have a methodology for each stage of the journey, from idea generation, to concept testing and refinement.

Crucially, our approach is diagnostic - we will recommend not only on which route to go with, but how best to refine it to create that winning product.